The Art of Motherhood

Last week we opened our doors at Olive Loves Alfie East to celebrate the launch of a new charity initiative from Mere Soeur - a colouring book for mamas called ‘The Art Of Motherhood’.  East Village didn’t quite know what had hit it - Carrie’s tribe of hip, rad instagram Mamas had arrived from around the country. Our iconic mirror ball laden Silver Cross had never looked more at home surrounded by a sea of buggies. Victory Parade was the place to be as it morphed into a playground for the next gen. This wasn’t a regular Mama meet up - this was super charged and busting with goodness and sisterhood.

Carrie (25) is a self generating dynamo with a powerful aura. She also happens to be an absolute babe - to my mind she is a mischievous elfin biker with a crystal in one hand and a tattoo on the other.  I love her for her honesty - her daily feed on Instagram is a riot that resonates with any self confessing  “hardcore - this is tough” Mama.  As funny as she is serious and as up as she is down Carrie is a breath of fresh air - I just wish that I had known her when Olive was the same age as River because motherhood can be a lonely place. Carrie has made it her business to reach out to other mums with the core belief that positivity, kindness to ourselves and strength in sisterhood can make a difference.

All proceeds from ‘The Art of Motherhood’ go to Home Start - one of the leading family support charities in the UK. You can buy it online from Mere Soeur or from Olive Loves Alfie East in East Village, Stratford E20.

Photographs by Sarah-Louise Kimmer.