Creative Children’s Spaces

Inspired by the families that I met whilst I was writing Creative Family Home and Creative Children’s Spaces I have sourced a range of children’s furniture that is available from Olive Loves Alfie East. The interior design of the store itself and the bespoke fittings showcase the creative interior design that is offered as a service through the store. For the next two months I am offering free 1 hour creative family home consultations in my East Village store. For details and to book an appointment please email

My approach to choosing children’s furniture is to buy pieces that encourage imaginative play and exploration.  A bed isn’t just for sleeping in - it can be the base camp for childhood games. By day the wheels on the front of the R Toddler bed above turn it into a train or camper van ready for fantasy adventures. We have a limited number of R Toddler Beds that we are offering 10% discount on until the end of May that are ready to be despatched. Call 0203 5799 599 for shipping information and quote “Olive Loves Rafa” to receive the discount.

For older children I recommed the F Bunk or Teen Bed from Rafa kids. They can be used together in the same space and moved around in lots of configurations. If siblings end up with their own rooms both of the beds are cool enough to have lasting appeal right through their teens.

The R Toddler Bed £550

The F Bunk Bed £1100

The Teen Bed £640

The Playhouse range from Kutikai is wonderfully inventive. The roof of the Playhouse Desk is the perfect angle for a drawing board and the chimney can simply be repurposed as a pen pot. A cut out window turns the underneath into the perfect den. The roof of the Playhouse Bed makes it a cosy place for sleeping and an exciting place for playing.

The Playhouse Desk £457

The Playhouse Toddler Bed £855

Olive Loves Alfie East holds stock of the Rafa Toddler Bed and if you visit the store you can see the Playhouse Desk.  Items ordered take between 2 and 6 weeks for delivery.